Who's there?

Oh, it's you.

Ahaha surprised? The other receptionist is away on leave so Vivian is here.

The other recepetionist was all like "simps" this, and "cuck" that y'know?. It gets old after a while.

But yeah, indefinite leave.

(You get the feeling that you are being watched very closely.)

So, how're you feeling? Any kind of unusual sensations?

Let me know if you start losing sensation in one or more of your limbs.

I've got a pamphlet on Displacement symptoms if you want to give it a quick look.


Now, I'm supposed to give you a monologue about the

"untold horrors of this place"

and tell you to

"turn back now while you can"

but that's just corporate covering their asses from liability.

We all know that isn't happening. So-

(Vivian hands you a little device.)

your beacon.

Do not consume, do not break. Any damages will be paid by the party held responsible, yada yada.

Basically, don't mess with it too much.

It lets corporate keep an eye on vistors so they don't go poking their noses in places they don't belong.

What happens if you ditch it? Who knows!

Maybe they'll chop you up into recyclable materials to make their pamphlets.

(Vivian laughs but it doesn't seem like a joke.)

You should probably go back now.